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Vapid Lacquer: The Curiouser & Curiouser Collection

Provided For Review

Hey everyone! This is my very first blog post and I’m so excited to get started on this journey. This blog is really going to be a fun endeavor for me, and I’m mostly going to be blogging my own collection, but I hope you’ll stay tuned as I have some really exciting things to share in the next few days!

I’m starting out with the gorgeous new 6-piece Curiouser & Curiouser Collection by Vapid Lacquer that was just recently released on April 29, 2017. This collection is inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Tales of Wonderland! They are still available in the Vapid Lacquer Shop in Full Size Sets, Full Size Singles, and Schmediums of all but Whooo Are Youuu, I’m Late, and 6 Impossible Things. If you haven’t already done so, I highly recommend picking up the set as they are all stunning!

Vapid Lacquer Not All There Myself
Two Coats, Artificial Lighting
Brilliant pink with a gentle red to gold shift. Micro flakes shift almost against the base, blue to violet to gold shifts are softly visible. The formula is very nice and easy to work with, as with all of these. Removal is no problem at all, again, as with all of these.
IMG_6200IMG_6201  Vapid Lacquer I’m Late
Two Coats, Artificial Lighting
An interesting color, if you can call it a color. It’s versatile and ultimately functional in all circumstances. Vapid highly recommends rocking this shade on its own in just a coat or two. It’s understated and ultra femme. It is sheer on its own, it’s not meant to be a full coverage shade. Safe for work with enough of an oomph to make it very fun to wear. Though over other colors it’s another beast entirely! It comes to life as an effect top coat, brilliant blue and purple spring to action! This one is one of my two favorites!
IMG_6237IMG_6238IMG_6240IMG_6239  Vapid Lacquer Nonsense
Two Coats, Sunlight and Artificial Lighting
Berry in color at its core, but shifting through turquoise and purple in a shimmering overlay. Full of micro flakes that shift in semi-harmony with the shimmering pool they swim in.
Vapid Lacquer 6 Impossible Things
Three Coats, Sunlight And Artificial Lighting
Purple base and a scattered holo impact. Strongly and boldly shifting from blue to red with purple in between. This color is a statement piece and one of my two favorites!
IMG_6247IMG_6248IMG_6245IMG_6246Vapid Lacquer Much Muchier
Two Coats, Sunlight And Artificial Lighting
Black based and dark, this shade shimmers with shift, aqua, green, blue and violet! It’s absolutely mad with ultra chameleon chrome flakes in pink, purple, blue and gold shifts! Then add to that a bit of linear holo and a sprinkling of larger particle scattered holo. It’s a stunningly beautiful mess!
Vapid Lacquer Whooo Are Youuu
Two Coats, Sunlight And Artifical Lighting
From high atop a mushroom in a cloud of smoke, the most interesting creatures appear. This teal jewel toned polish comes to life from within, shifting pink, purple, green and gold. Holographic flakes give it that bit of extra that makes this shade super unique. It definitely surprised me! I wore this one as a full mani, so I also topped it with matte top coat after a few days and let’s just say I highly recommend trying that out!
IMG_6256IMG_6258IMG_6257IMG_6255IMG_6254 IMG_6290IMG_6289

And that’s a wrap on my first post! I hope you guys have all picked up this collection, but if you haven’t, here are the links to Vapid’s shop and their Instagram, where you can see lots more swatches. And here is the link to the Vapicorn Facebook Group, where you can find information on all future releases and restocks, a well as other Vapid polishes and products.

Thanks so much for reading!


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  1. You captured all of these beautifully! Whooo Are Youuu? looks amazing on you! You captured it’s shiftiness so well!

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