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Purchased By Me

Good Morning! Today, I have a review of one of my favorite indie products…Vapid Lacquer Wax! After dropping my son off at school, I love to come home to a cup of coffee and the smell of one of Vapid’s amazing wax melts all over my house. I have a pretty decent sized two story house and believe me when I say the smell is ALL over, even upstairs! Their wax is just so powerful and I can’t get enough of it. Even as I write this, I have Strawberry Lemon Fluff melting…

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Here are some of the different scents I have (not all, becasue I use these constantly so some are long gone) and I have to say, I love each and every one of them. The Scent Shots, which are 2 ounces and come in little plastic containers, are great because I like to use half at a time and I love the convenience of having the containers all stacked up in my cabinet. But who can resist the little Owls? Not me…they are adorable and just as easy to cut in half and store (they are 1.5 ounces). Vapid’s wax is a softer wax, which I love because its very easy to cut into whatever size I like.

Now on to the descriptions of each of the ones I have personally owned. These descriptions can also be found here, on Vapid’s site. I will also give you my thoughts on each one (spoiler alert…I love them all):

  • Cap’n Crunk Loops – Sweet cereal milk, with fruit bursting at the seams of the most delectable loops.
    • This is probably my favorite Vapid scent of all time and really does smell like cereal.
  • Blackberry Sugar Milk & Cookies – Blackberries and sweet sugar filled cream with buttery shortbread cookies. (Not pictured, because I used it all up!)
    • Smells like a fruity bakery that I want to live inside of forever.
  • Tea & Almond Cakes – This is our spin on the classic Tea & Cakes. Black tea and citrus notes are the foreground, with almond macaroons and little finger cakes smothered in frosting.
    • Well, I no longer have this one because when my Mother smelled it, she stole it! But it mostly smelled like almond to me.
  • Earl Grey Apple Splash – This is juicy and cool! Splashes of cucumber and apple, with soft black tea and wafting bergamot soaked in ozone. Clean and refreshing!
    • This one smells predominantly like a fresh cut apple. It’s lovely!
  • Rise & Shine – Fresh, juicy orange notes, with apple, grapefruit, peach and strawberry with a touch of loganberry. One of our original best selling scents!
    • Another one of my very favorites, this one reminds me of walking through an orange  grove in the morning.
  • Avocado & Sea Salt – Salty notes of the ocean, grapefruit, soft white rose and creamy avocado. Fresh, clean and spa ready!
    • I love, love, love the freshness of this one! Smells earthy.
  • Lavender & Coconut Milk – Fresh and clean lavender, creamy vanilla and hints of musk. This scent is amazing!
    • Lavender and coconut are basically my two favorite scents, so clearly, I love this. It smells just as you’d imagine.
  • Fairy Sugar – A sweet blend of bamboo, citrus and pomegranate with creamy undertones of berry and musk and sweetened with vanilla and sugar cane crystals. Clean and fresh, sweet and juicy!
    • Now this one is very yummy, but hard to describe. It has a very clean smell, I can say that.
  • Coffee House Ice Cream – Coffee lovers, this is all for you! Sweet buttery cream is laced with smooth Brazilian coffee. Hints of brown sugar and cocoa powder add delightful richness to creamy vanilla ice cream.
    • This is my husband’s favorite and smells exactly like Häagen-Dazs Coffee Ice Cream, which is the best coffee ice cream.
  • Strawberry Lemon Fluff – Thick, sweet strawberry jam, tart lemon and creamy, dreamy, sugar-filled marshmallow.
    • This is my son’s favorite and it smells like a lemon pastry to me. It was a surprise favorite of mine as well.
  • Bourbon Glazed Bread Pudding –Sweetened bread, hints of cinnamon and clove, blended with tons of maple, brown sugar and vanilla extract. Topped off with the perfect amount of boozy glaze, just a hint of bourbon to make this classic dessert to absolutely die for!
    • This one is really strong! If you like bakery smells, don’t pass this one up.
  • Boardwalk – Saltwater taffy, kettle corn and strawberry taffy. This sweet and creamy, salty and wonderful scent is over the top happy.
    • This is one of the most unique scents! I can never put my finger on it, but sometimes I get soft, salted pretzel, sometimes I get a nostalgic cereal from my childhood and other times I get the strawberry. All I know is that it is to die for.
  • Mermaid Tears – Coconut splashed with lemon and orange notes, juicy and almost salty.
    • Again, I love coconut, and it really comes through in this one. But mixed with a fresh scent that reminds me of the beach somehow.

Another thing I absolutely love about these wax metls is that they all have GLITTER! It’s the cutest touch and I love to watch it float around while it’s melting. As you can see, I melt them in individual silicone cupcake molds, which I prefer because there is no clean-up and storage is so easy. I am able to melt the same wax several times before I notice a drop in throw, so far at least 5 times, for several hours each. I actually don’t think any of mine are losing scent yet.

I never thought I’d get into the wax game, but Vapid hooked me! I make my own candles as a hobby and while I love them and I love making them, there’s something fun about wax melts as well. And they’re cleaner!

Wax is quickly becoming one of Vapid’s most popular products (rightfully deserved) and they will be doing a large restock on it at the end of May! Hooray! I probably don’t NEED more, but who am I kidding? #BuyAllTheWax!

Here are the links to Vapid’s shop, Instagram, and the Vapicorns Facebook Group!

Disclosure: As some of you may know, I recently became an admin of the Vapicorns Facebook Group. In no way does this influence my honest reviews of their products. I was an extremely happy customer for a very long time before I became an admin.

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