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Vapid Lacquer Skin Care: Liquid African Black Soap, Hydrosols, and Rosehip Seed Oil

Purchased By Me

Hi guys! Today I want to get a tiny bit personal. I’ve struggled with adult acne for a long time. Small pimples, blackheads, and even the deeper, cystic type acne. It’s not terrible, and it isn’t something that I let get me down or bother me too much…but it’s there. Well, it was there. That is, until I discovered some of Vapid Lacquer‘s amazing, natural Skin Care products. I want to tell you a little bit about the ones I use and how I use them. I have been using this routine twice daily for a bit over a month, morning and night, and I have seen a MAJOR improvement in my skin. Not only do I get far fewer pimples, but my skin is also less oily in general, and it feels smoother and softer.

Vapid Lacquer Skin Care Products Liquid African Black Soap Hydrosols Rosehip Seed Oil Immortelle Melissa Lemon Balm Neroli Orange Blossom Cucumber And Rose
My Favorite Vapid Lacquer Skin Care Products: Liquid African Black Soap, Rosehip Seed Oil, Immortelle Hydrosol, Melissa – Lemon Balm Hydrosol, Neroli – Orange Blossom Hydrosol, and Cucumber & Rose Hydrosol

Liquid African Black Soap
This is now the only soap I use on my face. It is all natural, vegan, organic, very gentle, and does not leave your skin feeling heavy at all. There is no residue, it just feels natural. But you definitely feel the clean. I use two pumps at a time and that is plenty. I have used about a quarter of the eight ounce bottle in a bit over a month, so I am assuming one bottle will last me about four months.

Hydrosols (Face Waters)
I have tried almost all of the hydrosols Vapid offers, and I have to say that the Cucumber and Rose is still my favorite. According to Vapid, cucumbers are known for their anti-puffy abilities and rose has long been used in skin care for younger, nourished skin. These hydrosols are just so refreshing! After I have cleaned my face withe the liquid African black soap, I pat it dry with tissue paper and spray my hydrosol all over, maybe five or six sprays to dampen my whole face. I have used about half of the two ounce bottle in a bit over a month, so I am assuming one bottle will last me about two months.

And just in case you were wondering, Vapid explains that a hydrosol is the water bi-product of the creation of essential oils. They are safe and far gentler than essential oils, and can be applied directly to the skin, hair and even our delicate faces. It’s the newest form of aromatherapy, even though they have been around for as long the distillation process. Hydrosols of quality are certified organic, free from chemicals and obtained only in a sustainable manner and made of only one botanical species.

Rosehip Seed Oil
Not only is this oil 100% natural, pure and gentle, but it is also magic I think. I use this as my daily moisturizer, again, morning and night. This is the key to the whole routine. You wouldn’t think so, but adding oil to oily skin actually makes it less oily. I didn’t believe it either, but it has been life-changing. After my hydrosol, with my face still damp, I apply about eight drops (four on each side) all over my face. And yes, you can apply your make-up right over this oil. When I use it at night, I wake up the next morning with the smoothest skin I have had in a long time. I have used about half of the one ounce bottle in a bit over a month, so I am assuming one bottle will last me about two months.

According to Vapid, this oil is acclaimed for its ability to regenerate skin cells, reduce the appearance of scars and wrinkles, and improve skin color and tone. It has a unique blend of vitamins and nutrients, including Vitamins A (retinol) and E, as well as omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. It is balancing and non-greasy, light, and full of anti-oxidants! I can personally assert the truth of these claims. This oil is absolutely wonderful!

Well, now you know my secrets! In all seriousness though, these products have legitimately changed my life. I couldn’t be more grateful to Vapid for offering these products. They really work, and I hope I inspire some of you to try them out. As we know, everyone’s chemistry is different, but I truly hope that if you try them, you experience the same results that I have.

Here are the links to Vapid’s shop, Instagram, and the Vapicorns Facebook Group!

Disclosure: As some of you may know, I recently became an admin of the Vapicorns Facebook Group. In no way does this influence my honest reviews of their products. I was an extremely happy customer for a very long time before I became an admin.

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