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Nvr Enuff Polish: Unicorn Acid & Dude-icorn Where’s My Car?

Provided For Review

Hey there! Today, I have a couple new polishes from Nvr Enuff to share with you guys! Nvr Enuff have a few different ongoing core polish lines and this past Saturday, they released a new shade for their Anti-Unicorn line and one for their Dude-icorn line. The Anti-Unicorns consist beautiful, bright, bold, or dark colors that keep the Unicorn theme in their names. The Dude-icorns consist of office appropriate shades and grungy “dudeish” tones, while all still absolutely understated and beautiful! These polishes will restock several times, as they are part of the core collection. I have to admit, I received these late yesterday, and I had to swatch them early this morning because they just intrigued me so much! So here they are!

Nvr Enuff Polish Unicorn Acid
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (first two images) & Artificial Lighting (last two images)
Confession time: I have never worn an orange polish! I know that sounds crazy, but I have always thought I wouldn’t like it at all. I actually never used to even wear red, then slowly I started wearing berry reds, and then slowly more orange-leaning reds, and now I absolutely adore red. But I was still too afraid to take the plunge and buy an orange to try. So when I saw this shade, I was so excited to give it a whirl and I’m happy to report that I LOVE IT (although my wallet will probably live to regret it). This polish has the same wonderful formula that you can always expect from Nvr Enuff, and there were absolutely no issues to report.
Nvr Enuff Polish Dude-icorn Where’s My Car?
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (first two images) & Artificial Lighting (last two images)
This is a gorgeous cerulean blue polish with a heavy teal shimmer. I tried really hard to capture the true teal color, but it was quite difficult for the camera to pick up. So just know that the shimmer is even more special in person. The formula is not too thick or thin, just right. No staining to report either!

These are both so pretty! If you missed these last Saturday, no worries! There will be plenty of chances to pick them up.

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