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Nail Art: KBShimmer Shoe The Blues Away & Different Dimension Armstrong

Purchased By Me

I’ll start today’s post off by saying that I really do not do nail art. I have just never gotten into it, and I haven’t wanted to invest in any of the tools. I think I might be infamous for not doing nail art almost ever. But, it’s Maria’s birthday!!! Maria (IG @boltgirlnails) is an awesome girl and she has helped me out when I needed it. So to wish her a happy birthday, I decided to do a tiny bit of nail art using some chevron vinyls and use the colors of her beloved San Diego Chargers. I also wanted to recreate one of her manis. She loves blue, so I could think of no better choice than the Hella Holo Customs exclusive, KBShimmer Shoe The Blues Away. I’ve been meaning to use it for a long time. I paired it with Different Dimension Armstrong, my go-to accent gold.

KBShimmer Shoe The Blues Away was a one-time release from February of 2016, an exclusive made for the Hella Holo Customs Facebook group. It is a very highly pigmented, stunning, dark blue linear holo. I did two coats, but it almost could have been a one coater. Since it’s such a pigmented blue, I was a little worried about staining, but I’m happy to report that after 5 days of wear I experienced absolutely no staining. The color is so gorgeous and I don’t have a dupe in my entire collection! Different Dimension Armstrong was also a one-time release from January of 2015. It was part of their Shooting Star series of limited editions. It’s a light gold/bronze/nude linear holographic with beautiful bronze red microflakes. I used two coats of this as well. These both have wonderful formulas.

KBShimmer Shoe The Blues Away & Different Dimension Armstrong
Two Coats Each
Sunlight (first three images) and Artificial Lighting (last three images)

Happy Birthday Maria!
I hope you have a wonderful day and I hope you enjoyed this recreation mani and my attempt at nail art.

Thanks for reading,

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