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Tonic Polish: Color4Nails Exclusive “Love For NYC” Duo

Purchased By Me

Hi guys! Today I have a gorgeous duo of polishes from Tonic Polish made exclusively for Color4Nails. These two beauties were inspired by Lindsey and Sisi’s love of New York City! They are both NYC fashion industry expatriates and developed this duo together to celebrate their mutual love of the city. As of this writing, duos are still available on Color4Nails, but they are limited edition so once they sell out, they will not restock.

Coco On Canal Street
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (first two images) & Artificial Lighting (last two images)
“A reference to “Coco” Chanel and Canal Street in New York City, this is a glowing, holographic red. The depths of this multidimensional red are a little berry-toned, and the red shimmer that flashes in the light shifts a little orange at an angle.” I definitely agree with the berry description. While it is decidedly a red, under certain lighting, it could almost be called pink. And it glows like crazy in the sun! It has a slightly metallic finish to it, making it look like molten lava. Like a lot of Tonics, the formula is on the thick side. I believe the maker has stated that a thicker formula is intentional and her preference.IMG_8537IMG_8534IMG_8536IMG_8539

I Had The Times Square Of My Life
Three Coats Plus Gelous And Top Coat
Sunlight (first two images) & Artificial Lighting (last two images)
“Inspired by the iconic ball drop in Times Square on New Year’s Eve, this is a rainbow of multichrome flakies and ultra holographic micro glitters that represent the intense rain of falling confetti in a linear holographic base.” This polish is very versatile! At one thin coat, it could absolutely be used as a topper, but can also be worn alone at three thin coats for opacity. The formula was wonderful! It’s packed full of glitter and flakies, so I chose to use a layer of Gelous before my top coat to smooth it out. It is so sparkly and holo, I just love this one! I didn’t want to remove it, but once I finally did, it was surprisingly easy to do considering the amount of glitter and flakies in this polish.

When I first saw this duo, I was drawn to the red and I was sure that one would be my favorite. But the silver really surprised me, it’s definitely my favorite after wearing them both. It’s a very special polish. I’m already planning to wear it again for New Year’s Eve!

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