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GlitterDaze: Xeno

Purchased By Me

Hi again! I have a second gorgeous multichrome to show you tonight. This one is called  Xeno by GlitterDaze. It is one of the polishes in the six piece Futuristic Collection, which consists of three multichrome holos and three multichrome flakies. GlitterDaze was one of the very first indies I ever purchased from back in early 2015! I didn’t even really know about indies yet back then, and I saw a multichrome flakie topper I just had to have.

More recently, I tried very hard to resist Xeno, but in the end I saw too many rave reviews so I gave in. I’m glad I did as it’s quite an amazing polish. Xeno is described as a pink/orange/gold/green shifting multichrome with a strong linear holographic finish and I would say the description is spot on. The formula seemed thin on the first coat (which is actually great because I love thin holo formulas), but a second coat really deepened the color and was plenty I thought. It was very easy to work with and clean up was almost non-existent. I have lots of photos of this one because I really wanted to show all the aspects of this gorgeous polish.

GlitterDaze Xeno
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Direct Sunlight
In direct sunlight, the holo is insane and you can really see the pink portion of the multichrome shift. The first two images here are under a very strong Miami, Florida morning beam of sunshine and the last two are a bit more angled sunshine.
Indirect Sunlight
In indirect sunlight, the orange and gold portions of the multichrome shift come out to play. I took these later in the afternoon so that the sun would come in and hit them at a nice angle. This might be my favorite of Xeno’s personalities.
Outdoor Shade
I chose to show an outdoor shade shot so that you could see the color of the polish when lights aren’t hitting it. Since it’s so very holo and multichrome as well, it can be hard to tell what it’s going to look like normally. But I had to use outdoor shade because even under my regular home lighting, the holo is pretty intense.
Indoor Home Lighting
This was the best lighting I could find that would show off the extreme green end of that multichrome shift. It’s not really visible in the sun at all because the pink and the holo take over.
Artificial Lighting
Lastly, I have artificial lighting shots, and here the pink shift appears almost purple. I kind of love it this way too. The rainbows are out of this world!

When I look at all these photos together, it’s hard to believe they are really all of the same polish! I’m very happy with this purchase, I’m glad I caved.

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