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Chaos & Crocodiles: The Space Traveler Collection

Provided For Review

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted. I’ve had some personal issues going on and, also, Florida has been through a lot in the last couple weeks, but things are mostly back to normal!

I have a post to share today that is extremely special to me. Chaos & Crocodiles was actually my very first indie polish purchase, as well as the first indie launch I participated in. The brand remains one of my absolute favorites and I never dreamed I’d be able to work with Sarey. I am honored to be showing the new Space Traveler Collection! This collection will launch this Sunday, October 8th at 4 PM Eastern along with another round of Sarey’s famous mystery polishes and some exciting new merchandise. This collection consists of five stunning polishes. Although all of the polishes are multichrome holos, each one has its own unique style. I found all five polishes to have the excellent formulas I’ve come to adore from Chaos & Crocodiles and to have very easy removal. I have no staining at all to report.

Chaos & Crocodiles The Unknown Planet
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Three Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Three Images)

The Unknown Planet is a deep teal blue polish with a very strong coppery-red to green shift shimmer, holographic pigment, and iridescent blue flakies. This is a very unique polish, I am almost certain that I personally have never seen a polish like this one. I had to wear it out for a few hours because I wanted to experience it a little more in depth.
94439AC9-9E2F-4511-82A3-D6815D6177E01BF28017-5C10-4226-AD36-278387F4AA844D3E25C1-3170-4252-87F0-0067834B06CEDE90A9A5-CB56-486D-A442-CCC61F614B76C694A1D7-11C8-44C5-A3E8-BD5FCF3617CB7EDE1ECE-1355-4105-9925-C5189E6FDAE4 Chaos & Crocodiles Celestial Cartographer
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Three Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Three Images)

Celestial Cartographer is a fuchsia polish with a blue to magenta/red, and even orange/gold, shift, holographic pigment, and a touch of holographic microglitter. I love the addition of the holo microglitter in this one, it gives it that extra sparkle!
Chaos & Crocodiles Rocket Ship Dreams
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Three Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Three Images)

Rocket Ship Dreams is a super holographic polish with a copper to gold shift. This one is actually my surprise favorite of the bunch. I think it’s because of the mega holo and the unique color. It’s almost a rosy copper, it’s just beautiful! And the shift is stunning.
Chaos & Crocodiles Little Bear In The Sky
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Five Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Five Images)

Little Bear In The Sky utilizes a teal to blue to purple to magenta multichrome pigment with a hint of holo in a blue base. This is definitely for the multichrome lovers! It’s a crazy shifter.
Chaos & Crocodiles Galaxy Bunny
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Five Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Five Images)

Galaxy Bunny is a blue to purple to red shifting purple based polish with colorful shifting flakies, a hint of holographic pigment, and holographic flakies. Another crazy shifter and a gorgeous purple base!
So those are the Space Travelers! This is a really interesting and different new collection from Chaos & Crocodiles and I’m excited to see the new merchandise as well! Sarey has said that she is more excited about this merchandise than with any before. If you’d like to join Chaos & Crocodiles on a journey to visit some of Chaos’ friends in space, remember to set your calendars for Sunday, October 8th at 4PM Eastern!

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