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Illyrian Polish: The Halloween 2017 Potions Collection

Provided For Review

Hi there! Half asleep girl here! I apologize in advance in case I say something crazy or misspell things. I really wanted to get this post up tonight since The Indie Shop is only FOUR days away! These six beauties are collectively Illyrian’s Halloween 2017 offering, The Potions Collection. This collection is launching at The Indie Shop on Friday, October 13th as well as online in their shop at 11PM Central the same night! I am overly exhausted tonight because I am attending this year! It’s my very first time and I am packing and planning. All six of these had wonderful formulas, no staining, and easy removal! So, here they are…

Illyrian Polish Deadly Nightshade
Three Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Four Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Three Images)
Deadly Nightshade is a smoky plum polish with a heavy teal to blue shifting shimmer. This one is extremely “glowy” if you know what I mean.
Illyrian Polish Amortentia
Two Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Three Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Two Images)
Amortentia is a pink polish leaning a bit bubblegum or orchid depending on your lighting. It is super fun and girly and has teal shimmer and a splash of baby holo.
Illyrian Polish Wolfsbane
Three Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Four Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Three Images)
Wolfsbane is a dove to medium grey polish with scattered holo and green to pinky purple shifting flakes. I don’t love green, but I do love this polish!
Illyrian Polish Unicorn Horn
Three Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Five Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Three Images)
Unicorn Horn is a teal-blue-green, but yet grey, absolutely crazy ultra holo! I feel like maybe Vanessa doubled the amount of holo that you’d normally use in a holo polish. It is a green toned grey already, but the shift to this blazing lime green is pretty insane and almost wants to take over all the time, instead of only at certain angles. It also shifts to a beautiful cerulean blue and all the way out to lavender.
Illyrian Polish Hemlock
Three Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Six Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Four Images)
Hemlock is perfection. End of description.
Joking! It is an extreme multichrome holo polish with an intense amount of sparkle due to the added holo glitters. I am wearing this one as a full mani and I am certain I looked like a lunatic staring at my hand and turning it all around in the pickup lane at my son’s school today. Here are all the shifts I see, from one extreme to the other: emerald green to lime green to golden yellow to bronzed orange to coppery red to magenta to pinkish purple! I wish I could capture all that in a photo but I took as many as I could.
Illyrian Polish Dream Fluid
Three Coats Plus Top Coat
Sunlight (First Four Images) & Artificial Lighting (Last Four Images)
Dream Fluid is aptly named, it is an absolute dream! It is a dusty blue based polish with a heavy dose of the most gorgeous pink to bronze to green shimmer flake of all your wildest unicorn fantasies! Please don’t skip this one!

This is a stunning collection, I have to say. I’m overly excited to meet Vanessa this Friday, but I’m equally excited to see your reactions to these in person! It’s going to be so much fun! My definite favorites are Hemlock and Dream Fluid. Those two are just masterpieces. I hope to see lots of you Friday! But don’t worry if you can’t be there since this collection will launch online the same night!

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