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Celestial Cosmetics: Back To The 80’s Collection

Provided For Review

Hi everyone! It’s been a while, just that time of year. We had the holidays and a family vacation, but it’s getting back to normal now. This is actually my first post of 2018 and what a way to start! I have Celestial’s Back To The 80’s Collection to share with you tonight. This collection is a set of seven super bright neon scattered holos! I have never been a neon girl, but these polishes are converting me I think. They are just so much fun to wear! The release date is set for 8AM on Saturday, January 20th AWST, which translates to 7PM on Friday, January 19th EST. All seven of these had some of the best formulas I’ve used in quite some time, and I barely had any clean up to do (and I am very messy). They are slightly jelly in consistency and I found that I needed three thin coats to reach opacity with most of them. Nicki noted that the addition of the holo really made these colors what they are. So, for example, when she used a red neon base (in Atari Adventure), the addition of the holo made it a gorgeous, fiery, red-leaning orange. No issues with removal to report. Just take a look at these beauties!

Celestial Cosmetics Rubiks Resentment
  Four Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a yellow neon scattered holo, but it definitely leans to the chartreuse side. This one was the most sheer of the bunch, so I used four coats for opacity. My husband called this one highlighter yellow when he saw it on me, and I don’t think that’s inaccurate, in the very best way.
Celestial Cosmetics Run, Don’t Walkman
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a grassy green neon scattered holo. I feel like this is a very springtime color, it must be that fresh grass feel it gives me.
Celestial Cosmetics Care Bear Cuddles
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a blue neon scattered holo. This one had the thinnest formula of the bunch, but that did not affect the opacity. In fact, it has great coverage. This one happens to be my very favorite of the whole collection! The color is just stunning!
Celestial Cosmetics Mind That Mullet
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a violet neon scattered holo. It is one of the most opaque polishes of the collection. Two coats would probably have done the trick. I definitely love this one, of course.
Celestial Cosmetics Big Hair, Don’t Care
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a pink neon scattered holo. This one is seriously BRIGHT! Even brighter than these photos show. Shield your eyes! I have to admit, even though as a general rule I don’t wear pink, I loved this particular pink.
Celestial Cosmetics Atari Adventure
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a red neon scattered holo, but leans fiery orange. It is the most opaque, along with Mind Your Mullet, and it looks more red in person and on my phone than on my laptop.
Celestial Cosmetics Hippos Are Hungry
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a light orange neon scattered holo with shimmer. I felt like this one was very bright, but also very cute.
IMG_9860IMG_9858IMG_9859So there they are in all their neon glory! I have to say, I loved these. And Celestial’s formula has always been top notch, ever since I first discovered them in July of 2015 through Hella Holo Customs. These will retail for $12 AUD/$11 USD each and will be available on both Celestial’s Australian and US websites.

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  1. Gorgeous! I love Atari Adventure (duh!) but I think my favorite is Big Hair Don’t Care! I have really fallen for pink.

    1. I agree, Big Hair, Don’t Care is my second favorite. Even though I “hate” pink. And Atari Adventure is awesome! I’m really being converted by these beauties!

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