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Illyrian Polish: The Eerie Woodlands Collection, Series 3 & January COTM, Serene

Provided For Review

Hi guys! I’m so sorry again that I didn’t have this post ready on Friday for the launch. But I worked as fast as I could! Today, I have the third installment in Illyrian’s amazing Eerie Woodlands Collection. This is a five piece collection of a shimmer, two crellies, a holo, and an amazing purple with a little bit of everything! I also have January’s Color Of The Month, Serene. This collection is already available for preorder in Illyrian’s online shop. The store will be open until Tuesday, January 23rd at Midnight Central. Turnaround time will be two weeks and polishes will begin to ship on February 3rd. International shipping is available, and there is no combined shipping on multiple orders. This collection is gorgeous, let’s take a look!

Illyrian Polish Morph
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a medium, milky grey base packed with a teal/pink/purple/blue/orange shifting shimmer. The main colors I see are teal and then purple and pink at an angle. It definitely glows from within.63F2F0B1-586D-450B-8B4E-BB718EC59FB3BDD1A016-2C9B-4491-9E34-63F1349F53EF5E7B72E9-B896-472A-9781-57F395F3F14B6860BABB-4A58-4449-8225-B90E61EFFFA69A144CFF-C784-45C2-81EC-A96D447179F9Illyrian Polish Gloomy
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a darkened jade green crelly with a red to gold/green shifting microflake shimmer! This polish is just absolutely beautiful. I think it might just be my favorite of the collection.580B44F0-C09A-47FA-9C5B-211B13D14F2715AE7C1C-AFD1-471A-81D2-0B64588E4E82A2270AEF-AE52-4448-9F08-6505DA62ACA57A0ACAC4-E6E7-495D-A8CD-FE0113433B63Illyrian Polish Healer
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a blackened blush/mushroom/pink (depending on light) crelly base packed with two different green/gold shimmers with one shifting slightly violet and green/pink iridescent flakes! This is one of those perfect shades of pink that appear almost nude on me. I love that! All of these have amazing formulas, but this one in particular just stays exactly where you put it. I had almost no clean up at all.8DD7A692-4C5F-463D-8526-A87CCDCBA6DB02599034-9A05-4BD8-B532-579FD171FD97003D02C9-9D57-41FE-9F7A-13C8FE8AF1EBIllyrian Polish Knight
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a light cerulean blue holo base with a copper to gold/lime shimmer and packed with purple/pink/blue shifty reflects. This is a very sparkly polish due to all the added elements. In the sun, the purple/pink really shimmers! It has great coverage and would have been fine at two coats.9B220E54-E65E-49A1-8432-891DE36087A44E4B49FF-95E8-4506-9916-42E466A9371EA16384C7-1E9F-421C-80B2-893602BF21F0128AE8A7-F1A4-4895-9A41-207F8D607DAEIllyrian Polish Finder
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a dark indigo base with shifting copper/red/gold/green shimmer, holo sparkles and blue iridescent reflects! This one is sparkly and vampy all at the same time. In the sun, the shifts through red, gold and green are definitely visible. This is another one that would have been fine at two coats.CCCF93F1-C784-426F-9F27-298267D52704E707F683-C41B-408E-B165-0EF68A8C83FDEC57FB34-0597-48BE-B01F-71661A6135C257958153-DF28-4C0E-8C4F-E6AA213DA2460D9EE127-F105-4174-B3C0-479A6B120E16AD1C8678-37CB-48E7-8296-72A23FD1547FIllyrian Polish Serene
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
This is a dark, dusty lavender base with a pink to gold/green shifty shimmer and subtle holo! This is definitely my kind of polish! Illyrian’s holos with shimmer are my favorites. And, well, it’s purple! For those of you interested, this is pretty similar to Moonstone, without the flakies, but equally as stunning.707053E1-A49D-4500-8F04-E1A89B08EA037A6721E5-DDF5-4223-9207-730684DF44013A4E2C46-3C10-4119-AFD9-E8B6B51F181A2C0F3AE7-A66C-4588-AA36-9E221890ADE8

This is another amazing collection from Vanessa! The COTM, Serene, is absolutely stunning, and Gloomy is a surprise favorite for me. These polishes are available right now, so remember to pick up your favorites before the 23rd at midnight!

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