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Illyrian Polish: Spring 2018 Collection

Provided For Review

It’s almost spring! I think I read it officially starts on March 20th, so these are just in time! Tonight I have the Spring 2018 Collection by Illyrian Polish. This collection is launching as a preorder on March 16th at 6PM Central. As usual, the store will be open for several days and there will be a two week turnaround time. There will also be a restock at this time, so be sure to check out Illyrian’s Instagram account and Facebook group for the full list! Links are below. I think this is a very diverse collection, but there is a gorgeous, shimmery theme that ties everything together. Here we go!

Illyrian Polish Afterglow
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Light lavender leaning pink crelly packed with teal shimmer, very tiny blue reflects, and a splash of holo sparkles. I’m not sure how this color looks on my skin tone, but it’s really cute. I think it’s a great spring color.
Illyrian Polish Cloud Nine
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Last Macro In Artificial Lighting To Show Flakies
Cloud Nine is a pale indigo blue scattered holo base with red to gold aurora pigment and teal to green shifting iridescent flakes. This polish is amazing! I am obsessed with the way the aurora pigment works in this holo. And flakies too? Definitely my favorite of the collection, and now in my top ten favorite Illyrians ever.
Illyrian Polish Lit
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Lit is a cobalt blue creme base with pink to gold to green aurora pigment and pink to gold to green shimmer. Lit is the perfect name for this polish because it really is lit from within! It totally glows and the shade of blue is so vibrant! The shift in the shimmer is a bit more subtle here due to the creme base, but it’s still quite beautiful. I was able to capture some of the gold.
552F62B0-8A47-4207-8CF0-05B4C2DF0784B6199838-C913-4E8A-B5DA-CC8E5A3A531F56145B7E-6C35-4B1D-8AF4-D9C1A18AD703322E25B6-F5EF-4E56-93A3-67969F5C4EDDIllyrian Polish Rhapsody
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Rhapsody is a fern or olive green base with a copper to red to gold to green shift, holo glitter sparkles and tiny purple reflects. While some of you may know that green is not my color, the copper shimmer makes this one kind of work for me! I was pleasantly surprised. The formula on this one is ever so slightly on the thick side, but definitely workable with no issues.
757E9038-C7C0-4721-965D-44ABDEDF68133BFA0723-2941-4175-A5A5-CD502E9A1731BE128C92-B841-48C5-9D5C-64EB216A634AEAF0766C-3B87-459C-AEB2-137B64CF732FIllyrian Polish Trance
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Trance is a teal blue jelly base with pink to green aurora pigment, pink to gold shimmer and tiny holo glitters. This one is just so pretty, Vanessa really does a great teal polish, let me tell you. I think this one is going to be very popular! It almost looks like sunlight reflecting across the ocean to me.
Spring is in the air! Remember to be there this Friday, March 16th, at 6PM Central! Look out for another post, hopefully tomorrow night, to check out the Illyrian online store exclusive trio that will also be restocking on Friday.

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