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Illyrian Polish: The Opalescent Collection

Provided For Review

Happy Friday everyone! Tonight I have a very special collection to share with you guys from Illyrian Polish, The Opalescent Collection. This is a Birthday Collection made in celebration of Vanessa’s birthday! This is an absolutely amazing, flakie-filled collection! The formulas are on point as usual, and even though they are packed with flakies, I had no removal issues. There is a tiny bit of texture to a couple of them because of all the flakies, but they smooth out with top coat.
Vanessa’s birthday is Monday and this collection is launching on preorder on Friday, April 6th at 6PM Central. The store will remain open until April 11th at Midnight Central. There will be a two week turnaround time starting when the store closes. Due to the amazing array of pigments and flakies used in these beauties, the full set will not be discounted. However, for the launch only, Vanessa is offering a gorgeous free LE polish with the purchase of full sets while supplies last and I have swatches of that one as well tonight. Don’t forget to use the shop code FREESHIPPING75 to receive free US shipping on orders over $75 before shipping.

Illyrian Polish Gatekeeper
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Gatekeeper is a rust tinted jelly base with strong teal to purple to red to orange to gold shifting shimmer and teal to green to blue iridescent shifting flakes. This is another of Vanessa’s magical multichromes, the shifts defy logic!
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Illyrian Polish Last Phase
Four Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight & Indirect Light
Last Phase is an indigo purple jelly base packed with red to green Aurora pigment, orange to green iridescent shifting flakes, copper to pink to indigo iridescent shifting flakes, and gold to green iridescent shifting flakes. This polish is meant to be a tad on the sheer side, but Vanessa is going to adjust the recipe before the launch to make sure it is just slightly more opaque for you guys! This is purple polish perfection!
Illyrian Polish Magic Charm
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight & Indirect Light
Magic Charm is a blackened grape tinted base packed with ultra holo glitters, scattered holo, and five different iridescent shifting flakes that create a rainbow of shifts. This one was my surprise favorite! It’s so sparkly, and so full of flakies. It’s truly magical!
Illyrian Polish Moon Child
Four Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight & Indirect Light
Moon Child is a pale jade/tiffany blue base with orange to green to teal iridescent shifting flakes. This is another that is one the sheer side, but again, Vanessa is adjusting the formula for the launch. This is a beautiful color for spring! I have this one on as a full mani for Easter.
Illyrian Polish Stardust
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight
Stardust is a blue tinted holo sparkle base, containing holo and ultra holo glitters, with teal to green to blue and purple to pink to gold iridescent shifting flakes. I love the particular shifts of the flakies in this one.
Illyrian Polish Syzygy
Three Coats Plus Top Coat, Shown In Sunlight & Indirect Light
Syzygy is a deep teal blue jelly base packed with scattered holo, green to teal and purple to blue to pink to gold iridescent shifting flakes. This one has so much depth, and my husband even commented that it was pretty so that’s saying something!
Illyrian Polish Aw Shift
One Coat Over A Black Holo, Shown In Sunlight & Indirect Light
Aw Shift is a rainbow flakie topper in a clear base. That’s only one coat over a black holo! It’s positively packed! This is the LE promo polish that will be free with the purchase of the full set while supplies last.
This is hands down my favorite collection that Illyrian has ever released! I am a sucker for anything and everything flakie, so it’s no surprise. I want to wish Vanessa an amazing birthday, she truly deserves it!

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  1. I don’t normally buy collections but I *need* Aw Shift! Your swatches are bad for my wallet!

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